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Show Stress Who’s Boss!

Reviews from Fellow Professionals

"This is an eminently practical book, refreshingly free of psychobabble and full of tried and tested techniques to manage stress both in yourself and in those around you. 'Show Stress Who's the Boss!' is at once, easy to read and intellectually satisfying. The presentation is such that it can be "dipped into" in 10 minute intervals on short train journeys or else read from cover to cover without exhausting the reader.

Each sub-section has key learning points identified and is illustrated with great cartoons, apposite quotations, and practical examples, which bring the text to life. This book will be invaluable for readers looking to better understand the nature of stress, its causes, physical, emotional and behavioural effects, and, crucially, how to bring it under control. For individual readers, it is an excellent self-help book. For managers and supervisors, it points the way to creating a working environment and culture in which people can thrive and excel.

The final section of the book contains a wealth of proven tools and resources for combating stress and flourishing, even in the face of life's difficulties.

At a time when stress is the leading cause of long term sickness absence from the workplace (CIPD, 2011)*, this is an important and timely publication, which I thoroughly recommend."

*Based on findings from an online survey, completed by 592 UK employers in June 2011.

John Perry, MA, MA, MSc, FHEA, Principal Teaching Fellow in Healthcare Communication, The Faculty of Medicine, The University of Southampton, October, 2011.

'This excellent book is full of useful stress busting strategies and techniques. They are simple to apply in many situations including the workplace.' Prof Stephen Palmer PhD. Director: Centre for Stress Management, London

Read what is being said in Nursing Times

'I have had the pleasure of knowing Carole for more than twenty years, and we have both served as Presidents of the International Stress Management Association. Indeed it was International Stress and Tension Control Society (as it was then) that first brought us together in the 1980's. Since then I have watched the development of Carole's stress management consultancy with interest, a rare beacon of common sense and plain speaking in a world which seems full of snake oil. I've learned that time spent listening to what she has to say is always time well spent.' Dr Steve McKeown MB BS MRCPsych FFOM

'It's rare and very refreshing to read a book that is so direct, clear and so evidently useful. In "Show Stress Who’s Boss!" Carole takes the reader through practical case studies and examples to illustrate her down-to-earth advice and her "toolbox" of methods and tips for improvement. Carole inspired our senior board with her stress management training course and her advice to us has been invaluable through the challenging times of the financial crisis. This book will certainly be required reading for our senior team as the tools and strategies she describes are vital for effective team management and the building of a sustainable business.' Andrew Shaw, CEO, Dubai Cables.

'This book is like an extension of Carole's popular weekly stress column in Gulf News. It represents the fruit of 20 years at the top of the stress management business, and these valuable tools and strategies can be used anywhere on earth. Stylistically, the book is a good blend of formal tuition and informal tips, and I have recommended it to my executives at all levels. For me personally, it is one of the few manuals I keep permanently out on the desk for daily consultation.' Mohamed Ahmed Al-Muflehi HSM (ADMA HSEQAD)

'You have to look a long way to find a book of practical anti-stress measures that are immediately usable by HR specialists and general management alike. This book exactly fulfils its claims - a toolbox of skills and techniques for managing those familiar workplace pressures that too easily harden into stress. It is written with the easy confidence of an experienced counsellor who is also a successful businesswoman, presented in a less-usual format, and spiced with humour. You can tell you are in the hands of someone who cares deeply about healthy workplace culture.' Hani Soubra, Regional Director, BBC World, MENA. Dubai.

'Once again, Carole manages to boil down a big, complex subject into an accessible guide, equally suitable for HR specialists or managers at all levels. 'Show Stress Who’s Boss!' can be used as ready reference for many key sub-topics from stress diagnosis and quality relaxation to daily routines like conducting appraisal interviews and handling email. Planned in a creative sequence of lists, quizzes, tables and visual aids, it will equip you with a major skillset to help you reduce stress levels in yourself and your team.

Updated from the author's continuing agenda with blue-chip clients internationally, it blends classic anti-stress interventions with the newer evolving techniques, as well as identifying the many myths that surround this subject. This book stands out as the one that really delivers what it says on the cover. In the field of stress management, there's not much doubt who's boss!' Ram Ganglani & Gautam Ganglani (Right Selection Group, Dubai)

'Carole Spiers 1, Stress 0.' – Jeremy Nicholas, BBC sports reporter

'Everyone who endures the cruel effects of stress at work or at home has been crying out for an inspirational book that sets out clearly how banish the curse of modern living. Thank goodness Carole Spiers has written it!' Chris Roycroft-Davis, Former Executive Editor of The Sun

Read What is Being Said About Carole in Gulf News

Reviews from Fellow Authors

'In her new book 'Show Stress Who’s Boss!', Carole Spiers clearly ticks all the boxes of the optimistic iCan philosophy which is my own speciality as a motivational speaker. So let Carole show you that 'youCan', by reading this book, which is the product of twenty years' notable success in the stress counselling and consultancy business. That's a mass of professional wisdom condensed into one highly readable and usable work. It'll probably turn out a best-seller in its class. Or is it in a class of its own?' Richard McCann, No1 Bestselling Author of 'Just a Boy'

'As a writer and presenter on networking, I know as well as anyone the importance of being in a totally de-stressed state in order to exploit a networking opportunity to the full. 'Show Stress Who’s Boss!' manages to simplify the subject of stress management without any loss of essential content. In particular, the book includes a most useful 'manager's toolbox' that takes the newcomer straight to an authoritative position from which to manage the workplace pressures that can turn to stress.' Jan Vermeiren, Author of 'How to REALLY Use LinkedIn'

'Carole's comprehesive guide to managing stress is brimming with anecdotes, stories and practical solutions which make it easily accessible, effortlessly readable and eminently enjoyable to anyone interested in this fascinating topic. I cannot suggest a better guide than Carole Spiers to help you navigate your way through stress.'Damian Hughes, founder of Change Management consultancy LiquidThinker and author of 'Liquid Thinking', 'Liquid Leadership' and 'The Survival Guide to Change'.

'Show Stress Who’s Boss!' makes the perfect companion volume to my own life-balance book 'Slow Down to Speed Up', and I wish I'd written it myself. The different ways that pressure can build-up are charted and illustrated with wonderful clarity. And the stress management skills are presented like a high-class tutorial that will equip you to start combating stress the moment you've finished reading.' Lothar Seiwert, Keynote Speaker and Author of "Slow Down to Speed Up",

'I always knew that Stress Management had a lot to do with my own speciality of Time Management. But I never saw the issue so well-explained and clearly set out. This book has not only re-affirmed much of the professional wisdom of the HR department, but taught me new lessons too. Yet it's presented in a style that's accessible to the general reader, and I've already recommended it to a number of my coaching clients'. Robyn Pearce author of 'Getting a Grip on Time' and 4 other time-related titles.


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